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mary_mcdonnell was created to provide a place for fans of Mary McDonnell to share news, media, fan works, and other related information following the closure of mary_mcawesome.

Mary McDonnell is an American film, television, and theater actress best known for her role as President Laura Roslin on Battlestar Galactica as well as her extensive movie career, including Academy Award nominated roles in Dances With Wolves and Passion Fish. Most recently she has been seen in Scream 4, released in April 2011. She is currently appearing in season seven of TNT's hit show The Closer as Captain Sharon Raydor, and will star in the upcoming spinoff, Major Crimes, beginning next summer.

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1. First and foremost, be respectful of Mary & to all community members.

2. No private materials (family photos and the like) belonging to Mary McDonnell and/or her family are allowed. Period. The post will be removed and posting privileges will be revoked.

3. Sharing of copyrighted material (for example, Mary films that can easily be bought) is not encouraged, suggested or promoted. If you didn't make it, think twice about uploading it.

4. Fanfiction based on most of Mary's characters is welcome here; however, fic based on Laura Roslin or Sharon Raydor should be posted to their respective communities. Sharon/Will fic and discussion should be posted to fidloveaffair and Sharon/Brenda fic and discussion to brenda_raydor and ooh_that_woman. More details can be found here. Any posts containing fiction with a M rating should be member-locked.

5. Graphic posts containing more than 3 icons or one wallpaper should be put behind a cut. And no inappropriate pictures. Just don't go there.

6. Please tag all of your entries with the appropriate tags from this list. If you're not sure what tags to use, tag the entry with !tag this, and one of the mods will do it for you.