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When Mary's makeup artist, Kristina Vogel shared a photo of the makeup that she did on Twitter, I dropped every other plan and just had to try and recreate the look for this week's Fandom Friday post at my blog.

Check out how I tried to recreate this look >> HERE <<


Surprise, Sunday post!!! I wanted to do this makeup tutorial for aaaaaaages but am only getting around to it now because I fail at life. However, it’s perfect timing because this look is inspired by the makeup that Mary McDonnell wore in the promotional shots for The Cherry Orchard production that she is in and which ends its run this evening, I believe. The makeup was beautiful in these photos (even though they were run through Photoshop a bunch of times #grrr) and I attempted to recreate it.

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And we're back to the Sharon Raydor posts. Whoop, whoop! Or was that a collective sigh? This post is for one of my favourite outfits for Sharon from the first season of Major Crimes. This post was completely inspired by the shoes, just like my last Mary McDonnell outfit post that was inspired by a pair of black heels. But since I'm me and I love perusing the Internet, I couldn't leave it at just the shoes. So, I've included a couple of dress options that I think would go nicely with the shoes and give you that Raydor-vibe.

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23 January 2015 @ 01:00 pm


Whoa, whoa, whoa! How is this a fandom post? Kazzie, it's Fandom Friday day, what the heck? Well, dear friends, I will tell you why I'm doing this. Jo Malone's English Pear and Freesia cologne just so happens to be the fragrance of choice of one, Mary McDonnell.

Last year, Mary McDonnell did a Ask Me Anything session on where we learnt a lot about Mary and one user asked her the million dollar question - well, the million dollar question regarding this post so...

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09 January 2015 @ 01:54 pm

GET THE LOOK || Mary McDonnell

This look was entirely inspired by the shoes - those sparkly studded little beauties. I was originally just going to do a post about the shoes but why stop there when peplums are so on trend and when this is one of my favourite outfits that Mary has worn to any event over the years? It is such a classy and sophisticated look and I cannot help but admire it every single time it appears in front of me. So when I found the shoes, this post practically wrote itself.

Check out how to get this look at my blog, Kazzie Athena.


Everyone loves Raydor's trenchcoat, right? Well I love it and it is the most iconic piece in her wardrobe. You first see Captain Raydor in her trenchcoat in her first appearance on The Closer and several times throughout Major Crimes and it set a precedence that whenever she wears it, you know that she means business! I received a request to source trenchcoats a la Raydor from a viewer (thank you. Nicole) and I simply jumped at the opportunity to look for trenchcoats and Macs because they are very much on trend right now. I had so many options to choose from that I had a list as long as my arm. With so many to choose from I managed to whittle it down to 12 - some made from heavier materials for those that are burdened with colder climes and others for those milder temperatures.

Check out all the options available at my blog, Kazzie Athena.

This is the first post in what I’m going to be calling ‘Fandom Friday’. I won’t be naming the posts that but every Friday I will post a fandom related post whether it is fashion related, beauty related or a general squeefest. So, if this interests you, be sure to check back here every Friday for something exciting. I’ll be exploring other fandoms than Mary McDonnell and Major Crimes when inspiration hits.

GET THE LOOK: Sharon Raydor [Major Crimes 3x15 Chain Reaction]

Sharon Raydor in casual attire? Be still my beating heart! And you wanna know what's more? It's totally my style! What does that say about me? My style is similar to that of one of Mary McDonnell's character? I'll take that! Whenever Sharon stepped into that police tent on Monday's new episode of Major Crimes (3x15 Chain Reaction), I nearly died from the gorgeousness. I'm serious. I loved everything about the outfit - the jacket, the top, the jeans and the boots. Oh the boots! Don't even get me started on the hair and the make-up or all you will see is an incoherent keymash of epic flailing proportions. Nevertheless, after a nap, I started sourcing the outfit and here is what I managed to find...

Check it all out at my blog page, kazzified29

Raydor's Rouge || Maybelline's Answer to Mademoiselle

I am obsessed with Sharon Raydor’s make-up on Major Crimes. I spend a good chunk of every episode wondering what Robin Siegel has done and possibly used when creating Sharon’s look for that episode or scene. I then found an interview with Robin Siegel on and subsequently started a list of make-up wishlist - hey, people do it for Kylie Jenner or Cheryl Fernandez-Versini or *insert popular celeb name here*. I can do it for the same with Mary McDonnell’s make-up. Just sayin.

However, to get Sharon Raydor’s exact lipstick, you will have to fork out £25/$35 for Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick in shade No5 Mademoiselle. Now, I didn’t splurge as I used points that I had gathered in Boots to purchase mine.

But, if you don’t want to spend that much on a single lipstick, then see what budget friendly alternative I found that is a close substitute for Mademoiselle at my blog, kazzified29.
18 December 2014 @ 09:51 am
Hello Mary fans!!

As some of you may be aware from other social media, there are a number of us attending Mary's upcoming production The Cherry Orchard, to be performed with David Strathairn and Olivia Mell (Mary's very own daughter).

I am travelling from Melbourne, Australia to attend the event, and am travelling with people from 3 other countries; between us we are representing 4 continents. As such, I thought it might be a nice idea to make Mary a world map featuring all the names and home locations of those who are going to the play to see her; something to show how truly universal her fandom is.

If you would be interested in participating in this project, please contact me to put your name down - Inbox me at my tumblr - anonymous is enabled for those who wish to remain so, and you don't need an account to ask.
All that is required is your first name (or pseudonym) and your home location (general city area, or even state is fine - no address required).

I'd love to get as many names on this thing as possible. So far I have over a dozen, but I know there are so many of us going and it would be great to fill this map with Mary's fans to show her the love! :)
14 December 2014 @ 11:40 am


Hands up those that loved Sharon Raydor's dress at the end of last week's Major Crimes 3x13 Acting Out episode? I sure did and within a heartbeat I was trawling the Internet for cheaper alternatives! With the Christmas season, the little lace dress is the 'go-to' dress and there are a load to choose from but whether or not they were similar to Sharon's is another thing.

Check out what I managed to find here at my blog kazzified29.